3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Headphone Plug Audio Adapter (Gold Plated)


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Get more from your headphones with this handy 3.5mm female to 6.5mm male headphone adapter. Designed for audiophiles and music lovers who use high-end over-ear headphones, this small but mighty audio accessory allows you to connect headphones with a large 6.5mm plug into devices that only have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Crafted from gold plated metal, this adapter optimizes connectivity and signal transfer from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or portable hi-fi player to your premium headphones. The gold plating resists corrosion while also providing precise contact between the connecting jack and plug. This minimizes the transmission loss across the physical connection, ensuring your music and audio comes through clearly.


  • Gold plated connectors for optimal signal transfer
  • Fits 6.5mm headphone plugs into 3.5mm ports
  • Secure spring loaded female end
  • Compact 50mm design for portability
  • Durable metallic construction

Slipping easily over 3.5mm ports, the female adapter end features a spring loaded design that tightens gently around the jack for a secure connection. No more loose plugs or broken audio if your cord gets accidentally tugged. The male end matches the 6.5mm jack size found on many high-impedance headphones from brands like Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, and Grado. This compatibility allows you to use your pro-grade headphones with smaller audio devices.

Durable and long-lasting, this adapter comes ready to use right out of the package. Measuring just 50mm in length, it takes up hardly any space when plugged in. The sleek metallic finish blends smoothly with other accessories as well. Optimized for portable use, take it on planes, trains, and anywhere else your audio travels require a handy headphone jack extender.


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