3.5mm Male to Female Aux Jack Audio Extension Cable for Headphones


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Experience premium sound anywhere with the 3.5mm Male to Female Aux Extension Cable for Headphones. This high-quality aux cable allows you to extend the connection between your smartphone or audio player and your headphones, giving you the freedom to listen from a distance without compromising audio quality.

Built for durability, the aux extension cable features:

  • A custom helix design that provides maximum signal transfer and minimum interference. The unique helical shape adds flexibility while protecting the interior, oxygen-free copper wiring from damage.
  • Gold-plated connectors that deliver balanced, noise-free stereo sound across the entire frequency range. The gold resists corrosion for optimal conductivity.

This ensures your music, movies, games and calls come through crystal clear, with no muffling or static.

With the extra length of up to 16+ feet, this 3.5mm male-to-female cable gives you more flexibility. Leave your device on a desk or end table while listening from your sofa or armchair. Or keep your smartphone in your pocket while DJing, mixing music, or playing video games. The extra length also allows laptop users more positioning options.

Designed for all 3.5mm audio devices including headphones, car stereo systems, speakers, and more, this aux cable ensures the reliable performance audiophiles demand.

Experience studio-quality sound from your smartphone with no excessive handling noise. The custom helix design protects the interior wiring, while the gold-plated connectors deliver optimized conductivity for balanced stereo sound.


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